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Customer Testimonial

Hi, my name is Dave Crispin.

 I am the owner of a 2015 Ram 1500, Big Horn truck, Rocky Ridge Altitude edition, 20 inch polished wheels, 37’ MT tires, with Amp power steps, Leather interior upgrades.

I am writing first to say how well my truck performs and to tell you about the service I have received from your company.

Purchased my truck from Palm Automotive, Punta Gorda FL (salesman Tom Doyle) in May 2015.  The moment I saw the truck and went through it at length I knew this was a well-designed package.   I have been a Jeep and other 4X4 owner for years and actually use my vehicles seriously off road.  From the swamps of Florida to the 14,000’ peaks of Colorado and the desert southwest I push my truck hard! So I know a good rig when I see it.  Deal done!

Loaded up the truck with an 800lb motorcycle in the bed, a 6,000lb trailer behind, and enough gear for a 2 month trip out west.   The truck with the Altitude suspension build drove like a comfortable sedan on the highways and back roads from Florida to Colorado over 9,000 miles round trip.  The load on the rear of the truck hardly made a deflection in the suspension due to your excellent suspension upgrade and shocks.

Off road I handled every mountain trail I went on with ease.  Climbing switchback trails from sea level to 13,000 feet without a hiccup.  I winched built up jeeps out of holes and up steep inclines several times on these trips and earned the respect of all my hard core jeep buddies.  I even had to pull a 1 ton pickup up a trail over a half mile then help the owner repair his rig before returning down the mountain!  He had damaged his undercarriage by hitting rocks and bottoming out several times.  I didn’t even touch a skid plate on the rocks!

Your Rocky Ridge Altitude Suspension system definitely has earned its name!

A note of thanks and testament to your team:

During my travels in Colorado I had the right front Compression strut bend out of shape after running over a BIG rock! ( it happens).  I figured I had severe damage to the suspension and my trip was over!  I called your company and within 48 hours I received a replacement strut delivered on top of a mountain over 75 miles from civilization.   Between your office staff and guidance from Cleet, and Kyle, I was able to resolve the problem and was back on the trails!  When I returned to civilization I had the rig checked out and there was no damage to the suspension and the alignment was still perfect.  This is a true testament to the strength and quality of your suspension system.  This also shows the level of customer service of your team!  My trip was saved!

Recently I had some difficulty getting my truck checked out for a minor problem by a local Chrysler dealer and your team stepped up again and gave me support and guidance to help me get the work done on my rig.  Thanks for all of your companies support!

Enclosing some pics of my rig.  Please note the Fab Fours winch mount system.  It really works!