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How to Protect Your Custom Paint Job

A custom paint job can be the perfect finishing touch for a lifted truck. At Rocky Ridge Trucks, we love to see a new owner’s face light up when their unique creation comes back from the paint shop and a vehicle that was just a dream a few weeks earlier is rolls up before their eyes.

But you have to protect that paint job. Custom paint can run into the thousands of dollars, and it’s an investment that you need to cherish. So how do you properly care for a custom paint job?

Get The Job Done Right

rocky ridge truck custom paint job warehouseRocky Ridge takes its custom paint jobs seriously. We’re proud to offer custom fade and two-tone paint for our lifted trucks to make them stand out even more on the road. Our paint jobs are performed by trained experts who know how to make sure your lifted truck gets the best coat possible. Rocky Ridge only works with the best in the business to craft hand-painted lifted trucks that ride high and look incredible.

This care can also be seen in the application process used for our proprietary Stealth Armour coating. The military-grade polyurethane coating is applied twice, with the second coat sprayed from a distance at an angle to provide the best coverage possible. The result is an even, custom paint-job that does more than look great; it also protects your truck.

Invest in a Post Paint Job Wrap

One of the best ways to protect this sizeable investment is a clear paint protect wrap. You see them on top-end hypercars all the time these days, and it’s an almost invisible way to protect your paint.

It’s almost like a thick layer of Saran wrap, and some owners just don’t like it. This is because they could just have the car wrapped in the first place if they wanted to go that route. Even so, it will take care of the paint. It isn’t cheap. In fact, it can cost almost the same as the original paint job. If you have spent the money on custom paint, though, then you need to get the highest quality work.

This isn’t something you can tear off and start again. If you do, there’s a chance some of that beautiful paint is going to come with it. So, if you’re not quite ready to invest in a clear wrap, on top of all the other work, then you need to think about treating your car with kid gloves.

No More Angry Car Washes

That means aggressive car washes are out. You need to establish a gentle cleaning regime, including a soft jetwash, occasional clay bar, and the best natural wax. Turn waxing your lifted trucks into a ritual, and it will form part of the bonding experience. It will make you love your custom 4×4 even more.

And don’t use a random rag to wash your car. Invest in microfiber mitts to apply soap after you have jet-washed it and keep them clean. If you’re smearing a stone across your paintwork, then you have only yourself to blame when visible scratches start to appear.

You’re going to want to take your truck off-road. Honestly, it would be a crying shame not to take a custom truck on the rough stuff. But when you do it’s crucial that you clean it down every time you take it out. Leave your car covered in mud, and there will be a thousand small rocks and sharp edges that will give the elements an entry point into your expensive paint.

Tree pollen and dead bugs contain acid that can eat through the surface, too. Keep specialist products on hand to remove them. Do not, under any circumstances, park your lifted truck under a tree.

Sunlight is a Silent Killer

rocky ridge truck custom paint job wrapKeep the car out of direct sunlight if you can. If you store it outside, then invest in a cover. But, if you can, keep it inside as that means your paint job won’t face extreme temperatures that can have a serious impact on the paintwork.

Whatever you do, make sure it’s a reasonable temperature when you start to wash it. If you live in cold conditions, use cold water to wash the car. Hot water can crack your windscreen in freezing conditions. It can also cause rapid contraction of metal and paint. This is not a good thing.

Do all this, and your custom paint job can seriously last just as long as your lifted truck. So go for it, turn your dreams into a reality. Then look after it. Speak to the big bad truck experts at Rocky Ridge to learn more about our custom trucks and what you can do to protect your investment.