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lime green Jeep Wrangler in a parking lot

Why Do Jeep Owners Wave at Each Other?

Do you get a wave when you’re driving in your lifted Wrangler? If you notice other Jeep drivers being extra friendly, then welcome to the club! You’re now part of the Jeep Wave club, an exclusive group only for Jeep Owners.  Learn about the history of this time-honored tradition and how you can be a part of it.

History of the Jeep Wave

Black jeep in woods with custom tires

Many vehicle owners have long given each other ‘The Wave’ — from MGs to Miatas, Fords to FJs. Owners want to feel that special connection with other owners, even if just for the barest of moments while passing each other on the road. The Jeep Wave has been called, “An honor bestowed upon those drivers with the superior intelligence, taste, class, and discomfort tolerance to own the ultimate vehicle – the Jeep.”

There are many stories on the actual origins of the wave itself. Some people say that it started during World War II as a way of telling friend from foe on the battle lines. Others say that the wave began with soldiers returning home from the war recognizing each other as veterans. It’s also been said that its beginnings come from when civilians started purchasing Jeeps as a way of showing camaraderie with other drivers. No matter how it got going, the Jeep wave is here to stay.

How Does the Jeep Wave Work?

If you think that the Jeep Wave is a simple as a ‘hello’ with your hand, then you’re sorely mistaken. It’s more than just a wave. There are rules and responsibilities when it comes to doing the wave, and Jeepers take it seriously.

For example, it’s considered mandatory for people driving newer or stock Jeeps to return the waves of older Jeeps or customized Jeeps, especially if they have mud on them. There’s even a hierarchy based on the model year, modifications, and more, although most drivers are just happy to see a fellow Jeeper. If you’re looking for the best in custom lifted Jeep Wranglers, then you need to talk to the pros at Rocky Ridge Trucks to learn more about how far you can take your Jeep.

How Do You Do the Wave?

There are many styles of how you can do the Jeep wave. You’re fine just giving a hearty, side-to-side wave above the windshield if you have the top off. You can also go for a more subtle wave with your thumb, index, and pointer fingers extended. What really matters is that you just wave. You’re even expected to wave rolling with the top down in a blizzard. In cases like this, a simple “shiver and nod” is an acceptable Jeep-to-Jeep mode of communication.

Do All Jeep Owners Wave?

Custom Lifted Blue Jeep Wrangler in Parking LotThe “real” Jeep lovers will usually wave. Sadly, not all Jeep owners are ‘in the know’ about the wave. Some are content to just drive from A to B without a care for the culture that has grown alongside these amazing off-road machines. That’s their right, but true Jeep owners don’t have to like it. Owners that don’t wave back shouldn’t be hated. They just need to be educated. If anything, it’s okay to feel sorry for the person that doesn’t understand the true privilege of owning a Jeep.

Jeep Culture is about those meet and greets in the middle of the barren desert or the off-roading group adventures where lifted Jeeps do what they do best. It’s about that feeling of community you get with a simple wave to a fellow Jeep driver driving down the road. The most important thing to remember with the Jeep wave is that it’s all about having fun! If you’re looking to take your fun to the max, it’s worth your time to check out the big bad custom lifted Jeeps that the team at Rocky Ridge has put together. Find your local Rocky Ridge dealer today to take one for a test drive and try out the Jeep wave for yourself.