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How Rocky Ridge Pure Drive Technology Makes a Jeep Better On and off the Road

Moving seamlessly between the trails and the open road is never a problem while driving a custom lifted Jeep equipped with Rocky Ridge Pure Drive Technology. This innovative suspension lift system effectively retains factory on-road handling and ride quality while maximizing off-road performance. A smart mix of factory and custom parts achieve the specified lift while preserving the correct alignment of all suspension components. Here’s a breakdown of how Rocky Ridge makes it happen.

Ride Quality and Handling Maximization

With many aftermarket lift kits, ride quality and handling don’t often go hand in hand. This system lifts custom Jeep vehicles by 3.5 inches using factory replacement coil springs, Rocky Ridge 3.0 shock absorbers, and key geometry adjustments at the front and rear. The factory bump stops in the front are moved down to compensate for the lift, so they continue to prevent the ride from feeling harsh or unstable.

A geometry correction bracket for the upper control arm moves its attachment point to bring the angle down to meet factory specifications. At the rear, replacement end links extend the length of the sway bar, while bump stop extension pads give the upper factory pad a soft place to land. All of these improvements work together to offer a factory-like ride quality and incredible handling in all driving situations.

Steering Geometry Preservation

Low-quality lift kits often simply raise the height of the vehicle without regard to the angles of the track bar and drag link. The approach increases the risk of bump steer and other hazardous driving situations.

To prevent this issue, the Rocky Ridge system used on our custom pickup trucks restores the factory angles using a track bar relocation bracket and high steer drag link. The new drag link attaches to the top of the steering knuckle, rather than the bottom, to create a flat profile. These corrections ensure the build retains its safe and reliable driving performance.

Line Route Optimization

With Rocky Ridge Pure Drive Technology, all factory brake, ABS, and vent lines are expertly rerouted around the custom lifted truck components. A brake line relocation bracket keeps the lines tidy and tucked out of the way throughout all your drives. The precise routes actually free up a lot of length in the lines, which helps to compensate for the 3.5-inch increase in height.  Even with the tires at full droop, the lines still have plenty of extra length available. This approach prevents restrictions or disconnections as the suspension moves up and down over obstacles, so you never have to worry about the integrity of your big lifted trucks.

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A lifted custom Jeep that can do it all is truly a sight to behold. We welcome you to check out our lineup of Jeeps and other incredible vehicles that come equipped with Rocky Ridge Pure Drive Technology. You can trust that all our custom lifted trucks are expertly assembled with a focus on quality and performance. You can also give our team at Rocky Ridge Trucks a call at 706-214-2869 to learn more.

Experience the difference Pure Drive Technology makes in your ride yourself when you get behind the wheel of one of our custom Jeeps.