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Battle of the Brands: Ford Vs. Chevy

For over 100 years, Ford and Chevy have been pitted head to head in a fierce rivalry to end all rivalries. It’s the UNC versus Duke or Alabama versus Auburn of truck brands. Each technological advancement from Ford and Chevy adds fuel to the fire, as diehard enthusiasts battle it out at automotive events and meetups nationwide. Truck manufacturers’ methods of keeping score with sales figures only tell half of the story, as brand loyalty goes much deeper than the number of trucks parked in each driveway. In fact, current brand loyalties, and the sales figures to match, all lead back to the inception of this clash of the titans and the results of that matchup through the ages.

Where It All Began

When Henry Ford introduced the Model T to the world, he had no idea that William Durant would soon come gunning for him with the 1922 Chevrolet. Sales leads swayed in either direction until Ford temporarily closed up shop to prepare for the production of its newest car, the Model A.

With that momentary lapse in production, Durant claimed the lead for the first time. Unfortunately for Chevy, the newest Ford model was a hit and quickly regained lost ground for the company. This song and dance continued in earnest as these two manufacturers fought for the largest portion of the market share and total brand loyalty.

Bringing in the Big Guns

Despite their start as simple car manufacturers, the heart and soul of both Ford and Chevy lives within their exemplary truck builds. Ford led the way with its F-Series trucks, while Chevy focused on quality and innovation with its full-size C/K lineup. Loyal enthusiasts’ claims of brand superiority came to a fever pitch as the monster trucks, Bigfoot and USA-1, hit the show ring.

As a souped up version of the 1974 Ford F-250, Bigfoot summed up everything great about Ford. Chevy didn’t get in on the action until 1987 when they elected to build the USA-1 using their newest full-size pickup platform. Thrilling shows featuring these custom lifted trucks kept the dream of off-road adventures alive as loyal Chevy and Ford enthusiasts geared up to buy their own pickup trucks. As a result of so much exposure on the national monster truck circuit, brand loyalty continued to grow and thrive for both of these truck manufacturers.

Down to the Nitty Gritty

Novelty and theatrics can only go so far in proving the worth and increasing the following of any truck manufacturer. Luckily for Chevy and Ford, they elected to back up their efforts by infusing their trucks with innovative parts and high-quality workmanship. Each manufacturer is known to serve its customers needs with the perfect combination of performance, safety, and comfort. Although their builds deviate in style and performance in many ways, Ford and Chevy trucks continue to exceed enthusiasts’ expectations mile after mile.

Let Your True Colors Fly with Lifted Custom Trucks by Rocky Ridge

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