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How to Decide on the Right Lift Height for Your Custom Trucks

Selecting the lift height of your custom truck is a highly personal decision that requires a good deal introspection along the way. You have to determine what it is you want most from your custom Chevy, Ford, or other preferred brand and how your custom lifted truck will fit into your lifestyle. The roads and trails are at your disposal. You just have to decide which lift will serve you best along the way. Make sure to learn about your lift options and take a close look at your lifestyle to find the perfect lifted truck for you.

Common Heights for Lifted Custom Trucks

Two-, four-, and six-inch lift heights make the biggest positive impact on performance without compromising on the complete on- and off-road drivability of the custom lifted trucks. A two-inch lift, and the upgraded tires to match, increases ground clearance while keeping the vehicle firmly planted on almost any driving surface.

A four-inch lift offers a happy medium between the subtle sophistication of a modest two-inch lift and sky-high dominance of the roads and trails. With a six-inch lift, custom lifted trucks can traverse across the most difficult surfaces and pass over large obstacles without pause.

Rocky Ridge Trucks makes the most of these lift heights by equipping its builds with the perfect wheel and tire configurations for an additional boost of stability and performance. In addition, custom shocks, bracketry, and other purpose-built components keep the lifted trucks’ steering geometry and handling within factory specs.

Match Your Lift Height to Your Lifestyle

Whether you choose the two-, four-, or six-inch lift for your custom truck, you’ll still be able to enjoy excellent on-road capabilities in all kinds of weather. The differences tend to come into play most as you head off-road and forge your own trails across the country. While a two-inch lift won’t give you much extra ground clearance, you definitely notice the extra stability when it comes to sharp turns and uneven terrain when compared to other heights.

Four- and six-inch lifts, like the one seen on our GMC Sierra Stealth XL, give you room to maneuver over and across regions with relatively large obstacles along the way. With lifted trucks at these extended heights in your arsenal, you’ll never have to back down from any trail, or anything in your path. When you really tune in to what you want most from your truck, narrowing down your ideal lift height will become easier than ever to pin down.

Check Out the Many Lifted Custom Trucks from Rocky Ridge

With a clear understanding of how each lift height transforms truck performance and style, you can select your ideal custom truck with ease. You just have to reflect on how the truck will benefit your lifestyle and help you lead the pack on your on- and off-road excursions. The lifted trucks from Rocky Ridge come in two-, four-, and six-inch heights to expertly meet your on- and off-road driving needs. Excited to find the right big bad truck for you? Take a peek at our wide range of lifted trucks or contact the team at 706-214-2936 to learn more.