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Cadillac Escalade 621V (discontinued) The Cadillac Escalade 621V from Rocky Ridge is no longer available, however you may be interested in the Tahoe Stealth.
Check out the Tahoe Stealth

Supercharged Cadillac Escalade 621V

You’re the kind of driver who enjoys the finest of the finer things, but you still have a wild side with a need for speed. That’s the exact person Rocky Ridge developed the Cadillac Escalade 621V for. This impressive performance SUV from Rocky Ridge is ready to go toe-to-toe with anything else on the road. With an eye-popping 621 horsepower, this Cadillac is ready to leave everyone else in the dust. Add that to Rocky Ridge’s reliable warranty, and you get a custom luxury vehicle that you can always count on.

  • Performance Modifications

    • Edelbrock Supercharger System
    • Side-Exit Stainless Exhaust Tips
    • 621 SAE-Rated Horsepower with 553 Foot-Pounds of Torque

    Custom Wheel & Tire Package

    • 22-Inch Lexani Signature Wheels (Exchange)
    • 32-Inch Pirelli Scorpion H-Rated Tires (Exchange)
    • Four Wheel Alignment
    • Complete System Recalibration
    • Road Force Balancing

    Rocky Ridge Signature Badging

    • VIN-Specific Under-Hood Plaque
    • Rocky Ridge Windshield Banner
    • Official Certificate of Authenticity (Owners Package)

    Maintenance & Warranty

    • 3-Year/36,000-Mile Warranty

    Exterior & Interior Additions

    • Rocky Ridge All-Weather Floor Mats

The Escalade 621V: Up Close & Personal

The Cadillac Escalade 621V from Rocky Ridge is more than a premier luxury SUV. It’s a beast of a machine ready to blow the doors off everything else on the road. Get more details about what we’ve included in this amazing performance package.

Exterior Features A Cadillac with Power to Perform

Everyone is familiar with the Cadillac brand, so Rocky Ridge did something with it you wouldn’t expect. We turned the Cadillac Escalade into a high-powered performance vehicle ready to hit the road. Rocky Ridge outfitted the V8 engine with an incredible supercharger to increase the power to 621 horsepower, complete with 553 foot-pounds of torque. When you hit the gas, there’s no mistaking that there’s some serious muscle under the hood of this custom Cadillac Escalade. To make this luxury SUV even bigger, we gave it 22-inch Lexani wheels with 32-inch Pirelli tires designed to handle high speeds for when you let loose on the road.

Interior Features Luxury with a Commanding Presence

Cadillac is a name that defines American luxury. Rocky Ridge made sure to include all the great features you’ve come to expect inside an Escalade, and then we added a few perks of our own. When you have a serious supercharger, you want your passengers to know it. That’s why we included custom branding to let you be proud of your performance machine. Custom branded Rocky Ridge all-weather floor mats keep your custom Cadillac clean no matter when and where you drive it.

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