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Nissan capitalizes on custom truck trend with Rocky Ridge Packages for TITAN XD, TITAN, Frontier and Armada

Mar 06, 2019

Mar 6, 2019 The customized vehicles are available now to be purchased through Nissan dealerships Full Nissan factory warranties, including TITAN”s America’s Best Truck Warranty1, will be matched by Rocky Ridge Collaboration announced today at the 2019 Work Truck Show in Indianapolis INDIANAPOLIS – Nissan and Rocky Ridge Trucks are making it official – TITAN […]

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How to Decide on the Right Lift Height for Your Custom Trucks

Mar 12, 2018

Selecting the lift height of your custom truck is a highly personal decision that requires a good deal introspection along the way. You have to determine what it is you want most from your custom Chevy, Ford, or other preferred brand and how your custom lifted truck will fit into your lifestyle. The roads and […]

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Battle of the Brands: Ford Vs. Chevy

Mar 06, 2018

For over 100 years, Ford and Chevy have been pitted head to head in a fierce rivalry to end all rivalries. It’s the UNC versus Duke or Alabama versus Auburn of truck brands. Each technological advancement from Ford and Chevy adds fuel to the fire, as diehard enthusiasts battle it out at automotive events and […]

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view of a Jeep Wrangler Summit edition from below

How to Figure Out the Lift on a Jeep

Feb 28, 2018

The majority of Jeep drivers tend to upgrade their Wranglers with lift kits and suspension upgrades to improve on and off-road performance. Therefore, when you buy a used Jeep, it is highly likely that your vehicle will come with an aftermarket lift, potentially of an unknown variety. Before you can assess the quality of your […]

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Big Bad Trucks that Give Back

Feb 21, 2018

Rocky Ridge is honored to have the opportunity to use our lifted custom trucks to give back to our community, and the country as a whole, through our Rocky Ridge Gives Program. As with our past community events, we are thrilled by the opportunity to build a truly custom creation for one lucky public service […]

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How Rocky Ridge Pure Drive Technology Makes a Jeep Better On and off the Road

Feb 15, 2018

Moving seamlessly between the trails and the open road is never a problem while driving a custom lifted Jeep equipped with Rocky Ridge Pure Drive Technology. This innovative suspension lift system effectively retains factory on-road handling and ride quality while maximizing off-road performance. A smart mix of factory and custom parts achieve the specified lift […]

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Battle of the Brands: GMC vs. Dodge Ram

Battle of the Brands: GMC vs. Dodge Ram

Feb 08, 2018

Some people believe that the fierce rivalry between GMC and Ram began with a heated head to head competition on the trails, while others say all it took was a round of boasting while kicking tires. Either way, GMC and Dodge Ram enthusiasts remain fiercely loyal to their favorite brand of trucks to this day. […]

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lime green Jeep Wrangler in a parking lot

Why Do Jeep Owners Wave at Each Other?

Jan 17, 2018

Do you get a wave when you’re driving in your lifted Wrangler? If you notice other Jeep drivers being extra friendly, then welcome to the club! You’re now part of the Jeep Wave club, an exclusive group only for Jeep Owners.  Learn about the history of this time-honored tradition and how you can be a […]

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jeep wrangler custom winch bumper lightbar timber climbing

Steel Cable Vs. Synthetic Rope: Selecting the Best Choice for Your Truck Winch

Jan 09, 2018

To transform your lifted truck into the ultimate recovery vehicle, your bumper needs to proudly display a high-performance winch equipped with the best tow rope. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of contention surrounding the choice between steel cable and synthetic rope for 4×4 truck winches. Supporters on both sides praise the benefits of their tow rope […]

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custom paint job rocky ridge truck

How to Protect Your Custom Paint Job

Jan 04, 2018

A custom paint job can be the perfect finishing touch for a lifted truck. At Rocky Ridge Trucks, we love to see a new owner’s face light up when their unique creation comes back from the paint shop and a vehicle that was just a dream a few weeks earlier is rolls up before their […]

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