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Chevrolet Colorado Trucks Make your Chevy Colorado stand out with a custom lift package from Rocky Ridge.
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Custom Lifted Chevy Colorado

Just because we make big bad trucks doesn’t mean we only work with full-size models. Rocky Ridge is happy to offer custom upfit packages for your mid-size pickup as well. That’s why we love to work with the Chevy Colorado—we upfit it into a lifted truck with full-size capability in a mid-size package. That means you’ll get the best of all worlds with a lifted truck that doesn’t feel unwieldy around town yet can still tear it up off-road. Learn more about our lifted Chevy Colorado packages by exploring the pages listed below.

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About Our Chevy Colorado Packages

The Chevy Colorado is a strong mid-size pickup that’s prepared to do just about anything you need it to. But at Rocky Ridge, we think that mid-size trucks look even better with a lift kit and the right upgrades. See what our team has put together for our custom Chevy Colorado packages.


Chevy Colorado K2

When you go with the K2 package from Rocky Ridge for your Chevy Colorado, you’re getting the best of both worlds. A 5-inch Rocky Ridge lift kit will have you sitting tall on the highway while giving you enough clearance to handle any off-road obstacles. At the same time, our custom suspension helps give you the handling and control you need to perform on winding mountain paths and more. Click below to find out about even more cool features for the Chevy Colorado K2 from Rocky Ridge.

Chevy Colorado K2