Lifted Chevrolet Silverado Stealth Package | Rocky Ridge Trucks
Silverado Stealth The competition never saw the Rocky Ridge Stealth coming.
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The Bold Lifted Silverado Stealth

If you’re looking for a lifted truck with attitude, you can’t beat the Chevy Silverado Stealth from Rocky Ridge. This package is combo of style and function will make you feel ready to take on the outdoors or cruise around town in style. Discover what we’ve done with the Chevrolet Silverado Stealth.

  • Performance Additions

    • 6″ Rocky Ridge Suspension System
    • Nitrogen Charged Performance Shocks
    • Heavy Duty Skid Plates
    • Heavy Duty Steering Knuckles
    • Front and Rear Crossmembers
    • Front Strut Tower Extensions
    • Anti-Wrap Rear Blocks
    • 20″ Black Off-Road Wheels (Exchange)
    • 35″ Mickey Thompson ATZ P3 Tires (Exchange)
    • Rocky Ridge Caliper Covers
    • Four Wheel Alignment
    • Road Force Balancing
    • Hypertech System Calibration

    Exterior Additions

    • Painted Vengeance Low Profile Front Bumper
    • 20″ Rigid Radiance Off-Road Light
    • Rigid Radiance Cube Lights (8)
    • Painted Vengeance Low Profile Rear Bumper
    • Predator Pro Side Steps
    • Painted Body Formed Fender Flares
    • Painted Sport Fender Vents
    • 304 Stainless Side Exit Dual Exhaust
    • Rocky Ridge Performance Muffler
    • Black Ceramic Exhaust Tips
    • Stealth Door Emblems
    • Rocky Ridge Tailgate Emblem
    • Rocky Ridge Windshield Banner

    Warranty & Maintenance

    • 3 year/ 36,000 Mile Warranty on all Rocky Ridge Components

    Premium Options

    • Painted Pocketed Fender Flares
    • Leather Seating with Logo Headrests
    • Painted/Coated Chrome Accents
    • 22″ Wheel/Tire Upgrade
    • Power Side Step Upgrade
    • Matte Finished Exterior
    • Custom Fade Painted Exterior
    • Stealth Coated Exterior

Up-Close & Personal: Silverado Stealth

At Rocky Ridge, we designed and built the Chevy Silverado Stealth to ooze confidence, inside and out. This truck won’t let anything stand between you and your destination.

Exterior Features Armor & Off-Road Muscle

The Stealth is designed to give you off-road performance while still looking great. We take the truck, give it a 6-inch lift, and then make it even bigger by sitting it on 20-inch wheels and 35-inch tires to conquer the highway and the wilderness. We packed in skid plate compression front struts and Rocky Ridge 2.0 Nitrogen-charged rear shocks for a smooth ride from the road to the wilderness. The result is a vehicle that looks as big as it feels while staying ready to take on anything and anybody.

Interior Features Style, Comfort, & Attitude

Don’t let the rugged exterior fool you—we matched it with an upgraded interior for the total package. Rocky Ridge made sure the inside looks as awesome as the outside is tough, so we’re pleased to provide a variety of options to make the Silverado Stealth even better. Check out our premium custom leather seats if you’re looking to give the interior a rich feel combined with added comfort. It’s all about creating your ideal cabin environment to suit your needs and your personality.

Who's Driving A Rocky Ridge Lifted Truck?

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