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Silverado Stealth The competition never saw the Rocky Ridge Stealth coming.
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The Bold Lifted Silverado Stealth

The Chevy Silverado Stealth is a dark, tough truck that’s ready to take over the road, day or night. Blacked-out armor, stealth-coated emblems, black wheels, and LED light bars make this truck intimidatingly capable. Get behind the wheel, and you’ll feel like nothing can get in your way. Whether you’re cruising, hauling, towing, or off-roading, the Rocky Ridge Silverado Stealth will deliver serious performance and big-time attitude that won’t be denied.

  • 6-Inch Rocky Ridge Suspension Lift Kit

    • Rocky Ridge Front and Rear Crossmembers
    • Rocky Ridge Front Strut Tower Extension
    • Compression Struts
    • Brake-Line Relocation Bracket
    • Add-a-Leaf Rear Spring
    • ES9000 Rear Shocks

    Custom Tire & Wheel Package

    • 20-Inch Black Off-Road Wheels (Exchange)
    • 35-Inch All-Terrain Tires (Exchange)
    • Four Wheel Alignment
    • Complete System Calibration
    • Road Force Balancing

    Exterior/Interior Additions

    • Full Armour Front Bumper
    • Full Armour Replacement Rear Bumper
    • LED Reverse Lights
    • 20-Inch LED Light Bar
    • Front License Plate Bracket
    • Front and Rear Red D-Rings
    • Headache Rack with 50-Inch LED Light Bar
    • Rear Facing Utility LED Spot Lights
    • Stealth Coated Grille
    • Stealth Coated Pocket Style Fender Flares
    • Stealth Coated Bow Ties
    • Stainless Steel Dual Exhaust
    • Black Ceramic Exhaust Tips
    • Carbon Fiber Interior Trim

    Rocky Ridge Signature Badging

    • Black Rocky Ridge Tailgate Emblem
    • Rocky Ridge Windshield Banner

    Warranty & Maintenance

    • 3-Year/36,000-Mile Warranty

    Premium Options

    • Custom Leather Seating
    • Spray-In Bedliner
    • Flowmaster Muffler System

Up-Close & Personal: Silverado Stealth

At Rocky Ridge, we designed and built the Chevy Silverado Stealth to ooze confidence, inside and out. This truck won’t let anything stand between you and your destination.

Exterior Features Armor & Off-Road Muscle

On the outside, this lifted truck is all reinforced armor and a mean off-road setup. We combine our 6-inch Rocky Ridge suspension lift kit with front and rear armored bumpers for one of the toughest rides around. With all-black wheels and bowtie badges, this truck isn’t afraid of dirt or hard work. Plus, a rock-solid headache rack with a 50-inch LED light bar keeps you protected while turning night into day, no matter where the drive takes you.

Interior Features Style, Comfort, & Attitude

A vehicle as bold as the Stealth calls for an interior to match. That’s why we outfitted the inside with matte carbon fiber interior trim. The high-tech material does a lot more than look great—it’s also sturdy and unique in an off-road lifted truck. Choose the perfect interior style to match your needs and taste. You can go with a no-frills look that’s all about utility. Or, you can upgrade your Stealth with premium options like comfortable, custom leather seating for added sophistication and style.

Who's Driving A Rocky Ridge Lifted Truck?

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