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Rocky Ridge Lifted Chevy Tahoes

At Rocky Ridge, we’re about more than just trucks. We also have packages available for Chevrolet SUVs, including the popular Tahoe. Our custom-developed lift kits and upgrade packages transform the Chevy Tahoe into a lifted SUV with serious presence and big-time off-road performance. Learn more about the awesome things the experts at Rocky Ridge can do for your Chevy Tahoe.

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About Our Chevy Tahoe Packages

The Chevy Tahoe is an incredibly popular full-size SUV that’s widely recognized as among the best in its class. Rocky Ridge takes the Tahoe and offers several different custom packages to turn it on its ear. Whether you want a lifted SUV or some extra horsepower under the hood, you can find it at Rocky Ridge. See all the available options for the Chevy Tahoe below.


Chevy Tahoe Alpine

Pick your SUV up with the Chevy Tahoe Alpine package from Rocky Ridge. This popular package starts with a 4-inch custom Rocky Ridge lift kit plus a custom wheel and tire package that puts the “utility” in “Sport Utility Vehicle.” Make your Tahoe feel bigger than ever before with 20-inch wheels and even bigger tires. Get a load of the other additions and premium options available for the Chevy Tahoe Alpine at the link below.

Chevy Tahoe Alpine

Chevy Tahoe Enforcer

Would you like to add some extra sport and performance to your Tahoe? Now you can with the Chevy Tahoe Enforcer edition from Rocky Ridge. The Tahoe Enforcer comes equipped with a twin core, single pass intercooler supercharger from none other than Edelbrock. With this system in place, the Chevy Tahoe is able to push either 523 horsepower or 621 horsepower depending on the engine. Click below to learn more about features available for the Chevy Tahoe Enforcer.

Chevy Tahoe Enforcer