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GMC Rocky Ridge has a complete line of custom lifted truck packages for GMCs.
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Lifted GMC Truck Packages from Rocky Ridge

GMC specializes in professional-grade trucks and SUVs. So do the pros at Rocky Ridge. The company has been making premium vehicles for more than a century, and we’re proud to provide customers with the best quality lifted trucks and SUVs. We aim to make a Rocky Ridge GMC vehicle that will be ready to handle anything. Whether you’re driving up a mountain or down the street, our lifted trucks have you covered. See all of the impressive packages we have for GMC vehicles, including our custom suspension lift packages for the GMC Sierra 1500, Sierra 2500, and the Yukon SUV.

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Get a load of the different GMC vehicles with custom options from Rocky Ridge Trucks. See all of our different packages for GMC vehicles.


GMC Sierra 1500 & 2500

The GMC Sierra is the deluxe twin of the Chevy Silverado. Rocky Ridge Trucks takes the GMC Sierra 1500 and 2500 to the next level. For example, our K2 package gives you a grille covered in Rocky Ridge’s Stealth Armour coating. This package’s 6-inch Rocky Ridge suspension lift kit towers over other vehicles on the road, and 35-inch all-terrain wheels are ready to get the job done in any condition. Get more details on this and other great packages from Rocky Ridge Trucks today. Click below for our assortment of different packages and styles.

Altitude Alpine K2 Stealth Stealth XL Enforcer Black Label

GMC Yukon

Rocky Ridge packages are available for more than GMC trucks. We are pleased to have packages for the GMC Yukon. The Yukon is a powerful and practical SUV with plenty of space and tons of extra power. Push it even farther with the luxurious and capable Alpine package from Rocky Ridge trucks. Enjoy the extra size from our custom lift kit while still keeping the handling and safety you need. Get a supercharger on your Yukon Enforcer for an SUV that leaves the competition in the dust. Find additional info about our GMC Yukon packages.

Alpine Enforcer