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GMC Yukon Discover our selection of lifted and high-performance GMC Yukon SUVs.
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Lifted GMC Yukon Packages

Rocky Ridge offers a range of high-performance and lifted off-road packages for GMC’s professional-grade Yukon SUV. Our team specializes in transforming these quality luxury vehicles into go-anywhere off-roaders and high-powered, road-ruling monsters. Explore our Yukon packages below to find the perfect one to suit your preferences and needs.

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Whether you want a Yukon you can drive confidently on any off-road trail or one that will out-pace almost anything on the road, you’ll find the perfect package here. They’re all custom-designed and built from the highest-quality parts and materials available, all 100% in-house. Choose your perfect GMC Yukon package from the list below.


GMC Yukon Alpine

No matter what stands between you and the top of the mountain, the GMC Yukon Alpine will get you there. This package features an ideal balance of off-road capability in a lifted GMC Yukon while maintaining drivability, handling, and comfort on the road. Tackle any trail or mountain road with confidence in the Yukon Alpine. Click below to learn more.

GMC Yukon Alpine

GMC Yukon Enforcer

The Rocky Ridge GMC Yukon Enforcer has authority that demands to be respected wherever you go. This high-performance Yukon is available with either 523 or 621-horsepower engines, each featuring a custom-installed Edelbrock supercharger for dependable muscle. Step on the gas, and hang on for the ride! Click below for further info.

GMC Yukon Enforcer