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Rocky Ridge Yukon Enforcer Packs Power The Yukon Enforcer dominates the road with supercharged horsepower and arresting style that never backs down.
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Supercharged GMC Yukon Enforcer

Rocky Ridge’s GMC Yukon Enforcer is a supercharged SUV that’s always ready to lay down the law. It features an advanced GenThree Callaway supercharger plus high-flow intake, exhaust, and more to push either 480 or 560 neck-snapping horsepower. This beast gives you serious authority wherever you drive along with the speed and performance to back it up. It’s also backed by a trusted manufacturer warranty, so all that speed comes with real dependability. You never have to settle for less.

  • Performance Modifications

    • “GenThree” Callaway Supercharger System
    • High-Flow Callaway “Honker” Air Intake System
    • Low-Restriction Callaway Stainless Exhaust System
    • Front-of-Wheel Exit Stainless Exhaust Tips
    • 2.3-Liter Triple-Cooled Intercooler

    Custom Wheels & Tires

    • 32-Inch All-Terrain Tires (Exchange)
    • 20-Inch Anthracite Callaway Signature Wheels (Exchange)
    • Complete System Calibration
    • Four Wheel Alignment
    • Road Force Balancing

    Rocky Ridge Signature Badging

    • SC480 or SC560 Grille Emblem
    • Chrome “RR Callaway” Tailgate Emblem
    • Chrome “RR Callaway” Front Door Emblems
    • SC480 or SC560 Tailgate Emblem
    • Owners Package with Official Certificate of Authenticity
    • VIN Specific Under-Hood Plaque
    • Rocky Ridge Windshield Banner

    Maintenance & Warranty

    • Maintenance and Care USB Drive
    • 3-Year/36,000-Mile Warranty

    Exterior & Interior Additions

    • Color Keyed OEM Slim-Line Fender Flares
    • Chrome Aeroskin Hood Protector
    • Race Red Badging
    • Carbon Fiber Interior Trim
    • Four Piece Slim-Line Rain Guards
    • Rocky Ridge All-Weather Floor Mats
    • “RR Callaway” Dash Plaque

The Yukon Enforcer: Inside & Out

The Rocky Ridge Yukon Enforcer is a power-packed monster that commands with authority everywhere you drive it. Learn more about its interior and exterior features and options below.

Exterior Features No-Nonsense Style & Speed

Rocky Ridge’s Yukon Enforcer sits confidently on custom Callaway 20-inch wheels and serious all-terrain tires, so it grips hard on any driving surface. Subtle body-colored slimline fender flares help hint at the muscle this thing is packing, plus custom Callaway and Rocky Ridge badging make it clear you mean business. Our comprehensive supercharger and engine upgrade package gives the Yukon Enforcer the heart of a lion with a spine-tingling roar to match.

Interior Features Uncommon Luxury & Comfort

The GMC Yukon Enforcer’s interior is filled with all the premium comfort and luxury you know and love from GMC along with our own upgrades. An exclusive Rocky Ridge Callaway dash plaque serves as a reminder to your passengers that this supercharged SUV is not to be taken lightly. Our top-quality all-weather floor mats and stylish carbon fiber interior trim create a cabin environment that’s second to none. That means you can cruise in total comfort or floor it and hang on tight for the ride.

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