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Lifted Nissan Frontier The all-new Lifted Frontier is the truck you didn't know that you need, but do!
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The Nissan Frontier is one of the most undersold luxury SUVs in the United States. Rated best full size SUV for the price and rated the second best overall full-sized SUV by MotorWeek in 2018, this Nissan Frontier is a truly amazing vehicle. Owners love their Frontiers, and Rocky Ridge has put together an upfit package to make the Frontier even better. It doesn’t matter if you’re rolling on the highway or taking over the trail, Rocky Ridge has a package to suit your favorite Frontier from Nissan.

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About Our Nissan Frontier Z3 Package

It’s clear to see that Rocky Ridge has a ton of custom packages available for a variety of OE manufacturers. Now Rocky Ridge makes a package for the Frontier that you’ll love to have in your driveway. Whether you need an SUV to drive around town or a workhorse that’s ready to get down to business, Rocky Ridge has a package to get the job done. Look at more details about our Nissan Frontier package below.


Nissan Frontier Z3

The Z3 package is for the Nissan Frontier owner who wants to look impressive while also being able to travel in luxury. We sit the Frontier Z3 on a signature 3″ suspension system that dwarfs other Frontiers on the road. It comes mounted with 20″ premium wheels and 34″ aggressive tires that will still stay quiet on the road. Click below to look at more features and options for the lifted Nissan Frontier Z3.

Nissan Frontier Z3