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Ram Are you a devoted fan of the Ram? We offer an array of packages for this acclaimed truck.
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Rocky Ridge gives you a complete range of lifted truck packages for the Ram. Get specialized custom options for the Ram 1500 and the Ram 2500. With powerful engines and improved ground clearance, the Ram is made for hard work, and Rocky Ridge makes these trucks even better. Our custom suspension lift kit gives you the stance you need to handle any terrain in your way. 20-inch off-road wheels and 35-inch or 37-inch all-terrain tires mean this lifted truck can drive over just about anything. Discover more details below about the packages and features Rocky Ridge has for the Ram.

  • The Ram has been a staple of the pickup truck market since it came out in the 1980s. Of all pickup trucks, only the Ram is available with a legendary Hemi engine. When you combine this kind of peerless performance with the quality customization from Rocky Ridge, the result is one big bad truck. All of our Ram pickup truck packages come with a trusted 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty. You aren’t going to get that at some mom and pop shop. Rocky Ridge gives you top-quality custom lifted truck packages at the same level you’d expect from a factory vehicle. Find out why so many people have come to rely on the Rocky Ridge name for their own custom lifted Ram trucks.

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Check out the variety of Ram trucks with packages from Rocky Ridge. See all of the lifted truck options we have for Ram below.


Ram 1500

There’s no mistaking the Ram when you see it on the road. Its iconic grille is unmistakable. So is the power under the hood. Rocky Ridge proudly presents a variety of lifted truck packages for the Ram 1500. For example, our Stealth XL package takes the Ram and covers the entire exterior in our Stealth Armour coating. This textured, black coat looks amazing while also protecting your vehicle. Our expert technicians use a careful application process to ensure the best coat for your 4×4 truck. Get more details below about the Stealth series and many other lifted truck packages from Rocky Ridge.

Altitude Alpine K2 Stealth Stealth XL

Ram 2500

The Ram 2500 is a serious heavy-duty truck for drivers who are ready to get to down to business. Rocky Ridge takes this truck to the max. Our custom lifted truck packages put this pickup head and shoulders above the rest. The Ram 2500 Altitude, for example, adds a 6-inch suspension lift kit plus huge off-road wheels and tires. With that kind of ground clearance, there’s nothing this truck can’t tackle. Learn more about what Rocky Ridge can do for your Ram 2500 by looking through our available packages to find the one that’s right for you.

Altitude K2 Stealth Stealth XL