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You need a truck that says who you are. No matter what you want to drive, we have a custom package that’s perfect for you. Rocky Ridge’s packages feature our custom-developed suspension lifts for more ground clearance and off-road capability than your standard pickup. Our lifted trucks can go almost anywhere and do nearly anything. Whether you’re climbing a mountain, driving down a dirt road, or hitting the highway, our trucks can handle it all while looking great in the process. See the full list of our different 4×4 truck packages from Rocky Ridge below.

  • We strive to have custom lifted truck packages to meet the needs of every driver. We offer massive 6-inch lifted 4×4 trucks that are big, aggressive vehicles designed for the driver looking to make a loud statement about who’s in charge. Rocky Ridge also has packages with 2-inch and 4-inch lifts for owners who might be interested in handling and performance. No matter what you want, we have a truck for you. Our line of lifted Jeeps are made to overcome any terrain you put in their path. Custom suspension, shocks, and struts combine with Rocky Ridge Pure Drive technology for a smooth ride on and off the road.

    Our custom lifted truck packages have everything you could want in a vehicle. We pair 20-inch wheels with tough, all-terrain tires to create 4×4 trucks that can take on whatever you throw at them. Custom emblems and badges let everyone know that you’re driving a Rocky Ridge. With so many options, it’s not hard to see why Rocky Ridge is America’s premier manufacturer of off-road and performance trucks and SUVs.

    Get more info on how you can get behind the wheel of a Rocky Ridge truck. Explore our different packages to discover the right lifted truck for you. Whether it’s work or play, you can find the perfect ride from Rocky Ridge. Talk to the friendly staff at Rocky Ridge to find your nearest dealer among our vast network of more than 600 dealerships. Don’t wait to get rolling with your Rocky Ridge lifted truck or SUV! Contact us today.