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Adrenaline Gets You There Faster For the off-road enthusiast who needs to go fast, there's nothing like the Adrenaline lifted Jeep Wrangler package from Rocky Ridge.
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Adrenaline: Speed & Strength

You’re the kind of person who doesn’t just do the outdoors, you want to do it better than everyone else. The Adrenaline custom lifted Jeep from Rocky Ridge gives you the speed and the power to get to the top quicker than the rest. Our experts install a supercharger on your favorite off-road machine to transform it into a dirt-eating monster that can’t be stopped. The result is a Wrangler that’s ready to charge ahead, no matter what surface you’re on.

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Supercharge Your Wild Side

When you need a custom lifted Jeep that can satisfy your hunger for speed, you want the Adrenaline Jeep Wrangler from Rocky Ridge. You want a serious Jeep with the size to take on the outdoors and the performance to get you to the top first.

Feel the Rush Both On and Off the Road

You want a Jeep that can perform on the highway, but is still able to get down to business in the wilderness. This custom lifted Wrangler from Rocky Ridge is ready to handle all types of terrain from alps to asphalt. The Adrenaline features a 3.5-inch lift kit on top of 20-inch off-road wheels for enough ground clearance for you to roll right over anything. But just because you’re off the beaten path doesn’t mean you’re in for a bumpy ride. Exclusive Pure Drive technology from Rocky Ridge ensures a velvet-smooth ride and handling wherever you go.

Fit for the King Premier Power & Performance

There’s nothing like taking a Jeep off-road and putting it to the test, and there’s nothing like doing it as fast as possible. That’s why we installed a full Petty Performance Package to push this Jeep to the extreme. The Adrenaline packs the extra power you need thanks to an 8-pound Edelbrock supercharger and Petty Garage’s custom tuning for optimal performance. Let everyone know that this Jeep features Petty approval with an autographed grab bar featuring the signature of Richard Petty, aka “the King,” himself.