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Pinnacle Puts You at the Peak When you want to be at the top, nothing's going to take you higher than the Jeep Wrangler Pinnacle from Rocky Ridge.
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Reach the Top with the Pinnacle

You’ve worked hard to get yourself to the top. You deserve a vehicle that’s on the same level as you. The Pinnacle custom lifted Jeep Wrangler from Rocky Ridge is ready to help you scale even the tallest mountains. This package pairs our custom-developed lift with high-performance off-road suspension and big bad wheels and tires to make it a real beast on the trail. Take your custom Jeep Wrangler to new heights with the Pinnacle package.

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Elevate Yourself with the Pinnacle

The Pinnacle custom lifted Jeep Wrangler from Rocky Ridge is in a class of its own. This lifted Jeep gives you the clearance to crawl over anything in your way and look awesome at the same time. Thanks to Pure Drive technology from Rocky Ridge, the Pinnacle still provides a ride with unparalleled smoothness and handling while you tame the great outdoors on the road.

Off-Road Capability Exclusive Rocky Ridge Performance

You want a Jeep that looks incredible while still giving you the tools you need to get the job done. The Pinnacle is the perfect package for the driver looking to turn heads on both the highway and the trail. The 3.5-inch Rocky Ridge Sport X lift kit gives you plenty of clearance to handle any obstacles you come across. Big-time mud-terrain tires will give you the confidence you need to tackle anything.

Beyond Compare Your Perfect Big Bad Jeep

There’s no comparison for the Pinnacle custom Jeep from Rocky Ridge. It’s not enough that this lifted Jeep is ready to scale any mountain, signature Pinnacle graphics bring the mountain to you. What’s more, the interior is as luxurious as the outside is rugged for the driver that wants to bring their own brand of baller to the outdoors.