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Be Unstoppable in the Stealth XL You haven't seen anything until you've seen the imposing stance of the fully armored Stealth XL from Rocky Ridge
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Stealth XL: Lifted Trucks on Another Level

Have you ever seen a flyover from a B-2 Stealth Bomber? The plane cuts through the sky with sleek, black wings that cast a shadow over everything in their path. There’s nothing like the B-2—until you’ve seen the Stealth XL package from Rocky Ridge, that is. This truck features our textured Stealth Armour coating all over the entire vehicle. That means it’s protected from most minor surface damage. It’s also lifted and fitted with all-terrain wheels and tires for serious trail-ready capability. Get more details about how you can experience the dark power of the Stealth XL on this page below.

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Up Close with the Stealth XL

The Stealth XL is Rocky Ridge’s most radical upfit package, resulting in armored lifted trucks that dominate everything, anytime, anywhere. Keep reading below for a closer look at the Stealth XL package.

Armored & Ready Our Exclusive Body Coating

The Rocky Ridge Stealth XL features our exclusive, military-grade textured Stealth Armour coating that’s made from a custom blend of polyurethane that’s carefully sprayed over the entire truck—body and all. It’s tough as nails and resists scratches, scrapes, and even minor dings and dents. That means you can charge ahead on any off-road trail or park with confidence in even the tightest parking spaces without fear of expensive paint damage. There really is nothing like the unstoppable feeling you get when you get behind the wheel of the Stealth XL.

Hair-Raising Attitude Own the Road, Night & Day

To see the Stealth XL on the highway is like witnessing a giant shadow come to life. When it comes to custom lifted trucks, the Stealth XL is downright scary. Feel the rush of this fearsome truck when you get behind the wheel of one of your own. Sink your teeth into the Stealth XL, and you’ll get a monster of a lifted truck that will own any road or trail, any time of day or night. Rocky Ridge has made this package available for all your favorite makes and models, so there’s an imposing Stealth XL that’s perfect for anyone.