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Armor Yourself in the Stealth See just how big and bad a lifted truck can be with the tactical, armor-clad Stealth package from Rocky Ridge.
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See the Power of the Stealth

There are big bad trucks. Then, there’s the Stealth edition from Rocky Ridge. This custom lifted truck brings you all the perks of a Rocky Ridge package with extra style and serious toughness. Rocky Ridge applies its textured Stealth Armour coating for a durable added layer of protection that also looks awesome. Naturally, all Stealth models come complete with a 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty, so your truck is as protected as you are driving it. Learn more here, and contact us to see how you can start your way to owning your custom lifted Stealth edition truck.

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A Closer Look at the Stealth

The Stealth package is ready to own any night or stare down the noontime sun, no matter what you need it to do. Learn more about everything that makes this one of Rocky Ridge’s most fearsome trucks below.

Imposing Presence Dripping with Serious Attitude

The Rocky Ridge Stealth package was developed to be a real monster. A 6-inch lift with all-terrain wheels and tires make it tall and mean. An armored headache rack and armored bumpers give it an imposing look that commands respect. This truck’s tough armored grille and fender flares add an extra degree of Stealth-coated cool to this tactical package. All-black wheels and all-terrain tires make for a capable lifted truck people will never see coming—until its big-time presence catches their eye, of course.

Serious Capability Performance to Suit Its Style

At Rocky Ridge, we would never build a lifted truck that couldn’t back up its looks with real capability, and the Stealth is no exception. This truck’s custom-developed 6-inch lift kit includes high-performance suspension components that can tackle any off-road challenge. It also features powerful LED lighting that will light up even the darkest trails for some serious night-time work. It even has a built-in 10,000-pound wireless winch and stout D-rings, so this beast is always ready to tow, pull, haul, crawl, or drag itself forward. In the Stealth, you’ll feel like nothing can stand in your way.